Wild and Scrumptious” what a fabulous song title! I like the suggestive nature of it. And the conjuring up of a combination of being a bit silly but very sweet with it. The music brains behind this intriguing release is a collaboration between Indian pop singer Suhasini and Italian writer Filomena Vicere. The ladies have linked up together on the collaborative album “The Puzzles Project.” “Wild and Scrumptious” is the first track lifted off the project. As a first taste, it serves up pop met with danceable beats and a strong commanding vocal.

Suhasini and Filomena are in a playful mood with this track. With descriptive lyrics, they stir up visions of a girl who loves to party and have a good time.

The Puzzles Project contains small pieces of life. Each piece is a free expression of thoughts given by the experience of everyday life. We have tried to tell without filters and with a bit of imagination what happens in the human soul by fitting pieces of songs and strong emotions,” say Filomena and Suhasini.

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When it comes to “Wild and Scrumptious” there really is no mistaking the uplifting, carefree vibe. The mysterious lady who lays behinds the inspiration of the track is both yin and yang, a sweet and dark contradiction of herself. The track isn’t so much cute but is distinctively feminine. I imagine she is a stylish lady who spritzes herself in Chanel No 5, sips cocktails, goes for a weekly manicure and wears designer dresses. Who knew an Indian/Italian music partnership would work as well as “Wild and Scrumptious” does.

I think this release is a total surprise and a great little track. Rather than go down the traditional route Filomena and Suhasini have gone down a much different stylistic path to what you might expect of their cultures. The outcome is vibrant, deeply melodic, and above all else, electrifying.

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