Moonboy Inc.

I find myself suitably fitted out in curiosity by Moonboy Inc.’sWhy Lonely”, purely because the quirkily whirring intro played its part in luring me in.

Onwards from that “Why Lonely” forms together regailed in the bespoke substance of a piano house direction which intriguingly circulates on a notably similar Hot Chip presence through its choice move of including stuttering vocal samples into its dance extended pattern.

Moonboy Inc. the brainchild of Berlin artist Christoph Rymon, is one that is fuelled with creative energy, we’ll him that! “Well Lonely” is just the kind of track that could engimatically embed itself firmly into the brain without a care of the listener noticing it has done so at first, only to have it come knocking on through at any impromptu given moment, as the sneakiest form of earworm invading your headspace.

Furthermore to this, “Why Lonely” is deliciously off-centre and I kinda love it all the more because of that and seems it could be a trend path that Moonboy Inc. is setting, being that his former debut effort “Forever” saw alternative pop maverick FEMME as a collaborator.

These two tracks are pointing towards the bigger picture of an EP release later in the year titled “Postcards From The Moon”. I can only summise from that, that it might be also be rammed with more of these similarly crazy cool and innovatively quirky beats.

If it is the case, I’ll be gagging for a copy of it to reach my ears, definitely, in an effort to tear down some of the monotony that new music is currently alluding too to score success!

NO music people’s I implore you to take the other path. Stand out. Be different. Being is a little eccentric and avant-garde is way to go cooler……. and get’s likeminded people such as myself talking about you!