Jonas Oakland

By Mandy Rogers

Let’s bow down to Sweden once again and in particular to all independent dance pop purveyor Jonas Oakland, who now reaches his sixth single release but surprisingly until as of now has escaped an EQ mention!  How? How? Did this happen?! Happen it was because we’ve been rightfully spending time obsessing a little over, Eric Saade and Darin Zanyar!

Let’s open up and allow another Swedish boy in!

The last 4 years has seen Jonas break through into the Swedish pop market, whereby he has been finding his own little niche amongst the Sweden’s pop factory, whilst retaining the mostly Swedish pop sound.  In the beginning it was geared heavily towards producing rousing anthemnic slices of pop that coloured a picture of B.W.O. and Steps. Now as Jonas welcomes in 2012, he turns in with a slight shift in sound leaning in further towards dance ready beats and has already presented a firm foundation by warming his audience with his recent cover of Ankie BaggersWhere Were You Last Night”.

As Jonas sets his sights in delivering an EP release in the immediate future entitled “What Happens On The Dance Floor”, he lifts second track “Who’s That Boy” into the worldwide sphere.  There is no doubt that Jonas has now firmly upped his game! “Who’s That Boy” is a mega calling of euro dance action, albeit with a lend of a little Kelly Rowland / David Guetta inspired intake of dance power, that props to that of “When Love Takes Over”, but scores a balance by entwining with suitably well crafted pop hooks and a pitch poptastical vocal performance from Jonas that the rest of Europe would probably readily welcome onto their dance floors.

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Who's That Boy - Who's That Boy - Single