nightdriveSomething old, something new. The old rhyme acts as a guide for a blushing bride on her wedding day as she starts her new life. That adage doesn’t just have to apply to so-called “wedded bliss.” In music, an artist can take a sample of an old song or even covering the track, then spin it on its head to make it their own.  Thus giving that old, dated, track a new life. This is a trick that not many artists do well, but when it’s done correctly you have a song that feels like it came out not 40 years ago, but just yesterday! For Texas-based, Night Drive, taking two elements of old and sprinkling their special seasoning of new on top brings the art of covers to a brand new level. Check out Night Drive’s mashup of ‘Whole Lotta Love/Too Much Love’ (Led Zeppelin and LCD Soundsystem).

Night Drive has in fact with this release re-invented the art of the cover song. Many of us are quite familiar with the 47-year-old song ‘Whole Lotta Love’. For the time it was a great track, but that was then. It’s almost been 50 years and no one has even thought to tinker with it. Until Night Drive came along… Like true purveyors of electronic pop, Night Drive took one big dose of electric to an old corpse of a song; and just like Frankenstein’s Monster! It’s ALIVE AGAIN! Look, I know I used the term cover, but it may not be fair to call it that. It doesn’t follow the typical cover formula. It’s also not a mashup, just because they took lyrics from the 10-year-old LCD Soundsystem track ‘Too Much Love’ it doesn’t make it one.  ‘Whole Lotta Love/Too Much Love’ takes two songs that have become quite dated and brings them to dance filled, 80’s inspired, future wave party. It’s classic, but modern.

In the end of it all, this is how all “covers” should be done. By showcasing what they do best, Night Drive has exposed their true artistry while bringing the lines of a classic to a new generation. It’s not just another remake. It’s a Night Drive original.


If you enjoyed this special fusion of songs. It’s available for the fabulous price of FREE! Download it!