Polyamorous 3 (big crop)

By Mandy Rogers

Whoever Controls The Groove” (Controls The World) claim LA electro pop duo The Polyamorous Affair and on the basis of this being their next single, they are making pretty sizeable steps in owning it with their fab ‘n’ funky layered synth sizzling composition. Calling in their inner Scissor Sisters and unleashing it into the stream on this psyche happy disco groove. 

Take a listen to it HERE

This track being so groove-alicious is prime for some real shiny, shiny mirror ball remix action we thinks and it’s got it going off amazingly in not one direction, but three directions.

First up on our call out – Yippee it’s Bright Light Bright Light!  Rod as accomplished as ever, takes this re-make on a 90’s club spin – he’s positively twisting our melon man and sending us off on a keyed-up trip into new age hipster heaven on his deliciously fruit smoothie blend of piano infused funk. Right On!

Listen HERE