They say this is the season to be jolly, and with that said we really do need some music to suit the mood of celebration. But I’ll take a pass at tacky Christmas songs and such. Because independent recording artist Adam Joseph has unleashed both a party track and more importantly homage to one of the biggest, charting female singers of the mid-80s and early 90s. His track “Whitney Houston” is so damn 80s-tastic while being a fitting tribute to the recent class of 2020, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

Adam has excelled himself. The track is showered with love for Whitney. So much so, that the singer has turned the titles of Whitney’s iconic hits, and well-loved tracks into the lyrics of his song. He’s actually been rather genius about how he has arranged this. The lyrical transitions flow so seamlessly that the track does have some meaning beyond, being super clever at making sentences from out of the titles of Whitney’s extensive catalogue of tracks.

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Speaking with Instinct Magazine in an interview, the singer told the publication that the track “Whitney Houston” has been a few years in the making. Since 2015 he had recorded several different versions of the song with different producers, but, none landed right with the 80s vibe he was after until he linked up with Kendoll King. (Check the full interview with Instinct Magazine here.)

While in the studio putting, touches to the song. Adam and Kendoll have been explicitly detailed in featuring motifs, and musical referencing also plucked from Whitney’s legendary hits. There really is no mistaking their efforts, which fall compiled like the most glorious of tribute mega-mixes. I really can’t think of a more appropriate track, (newly released or recent) which better puts a smile on the face. It’s super cool, fun and glowing tribute to Whitney all rolled into one.

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