Only last week, Swedish newcomer Where is Maps, popped up on our radar. He introduced us to his soft, nuanced sound, via his spellbinding debut effort “Never the Same.” I was especially keen to pick up on the release because of the tracks blissful, musicality. Its dreaminess and silky smooth soundscape. Furthermore, because the Swede also shared, before the end of the year an EP release would be on its way.

The festive period is a time when most of our day-to-day routines are sprung out of sync. The same applies to music releases as well, because, yesterday hailed the arrival of the said mentioned EP, “Where Is Maps?.” Before I get to discussing these new tracks. I feel it necessary to mention that bucking the New Music Friday trend, releasing on a Tuesday, is making the four-track offering stand out already, wouldn’t you agree?

If you’ve already checked out “Never the Same” when I wrote about it last week, you will have a sense about the airy, wistful artistry, Where is Maps explores. Continuing on from the impressionable, vibey introduction. I can now further affirm, EP tracks, “So Ahead,” “Crazy Together” and “Cold Room,” link up and build upon this mood. They are similarly shaped by warmly tempered sonics, and simmering R’n’B piqued beats. The singer conjures up images, and narratives built upon intimate lyrics. Swept up in poignancy, heart-searching, introspection. This is a release which is mellow from beginning to end, yet never falls short of being constantly engaging and alluring.

Arresting melodies, honest lyrics and unique musicality, signal positive things for the newcomer and will keep Where is Maps, from getting lost in the ever-growing crowd.

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