The now global phenomenon of the televisual reality TV, music artist is at such a state of saturation, that we wonder how these formats can now stretch it any further before they one by one become put on hiatus. They’ve had a good run, but the popularity of such is starting to wear thin, do they still have the impact they once had? Going solely by the UK shows alone, it seems once the lightbulb has gone out on the series finale, consciousness of late all seems to go on slide a bit.

However, other countries fair better and it’s not so often that we going knocking on the door of all things France. Yet, as our near continental neighbours maybe, just maybe the French have been doing better at it than their more recent efforts at Eurovision at least!

Take one such contestant off of The Voice France, Diana Espir, a Brit brought up in Switzerland who has since relocated to the states last year to embark on her career in popular music proper.

Espir has spent her short lifetime putting the graft in and making herself learned of the mechanics. She’s a millennial female whose pop crafting speaks with staying power moreover, and a spiciness of sass.

Since her exit on The Voice back in 2013, it is now that Diana Espir gives to the world the first run of her irresistibly primed pop melodies, which we jump on board with now, at future hit “When The Love Hits”.

So you won’t have to listen in too carefully to realise some of Espir’s Gwen Stefani influence, but there is far more than that coming through amidst the rhythmically alluring electronic-pop melody. Diana can carry off European pop influence for days!

Of her short run of singles to date, “When The Love Hits” firmly hits the ground running to this effect.

Keen to paint her music with multi-genre influence don’t be surprised none when Diana Espir goes in for a hip hop break or either steals in a smattering of urban pop direction. Like her magnetism to Gwen Stefani it’s on the cards, yet she takes it full-on popcentric on “When The Love Hits”.

Keep working it this way and that way Diana, going forward we’ll be an interested party to giving a look-in on it.