Creating another hit song after a record-breaking one can be challenging. For Walk Off the Earth, the multi-platinum musical sensation from Canada, it does not appear to be a problem for them at all. Their uplifting anthems continually resonate with audiences worldwide. Since their recent track “My Stupid Heart” gained 1 million weekly streams, 1 billion YouTube views, and 275 million TikTok views and counting, it’s clear that their music has struck a chord with listeners everywhere. Take their newly unleashed song, “Whatever,” for example. Walk Off the Earth again steps up with a super catchy track sure to command equal amounts of attention from listeners worldwide.

This is a band that radiates positivity through their music. Their latest release, “Whatever,” is an upbeat and heart-filling track which similarly left me feeling uplifted. The musicality hit all the right notes, as does the empowering lyrics. Although “Whatever” is noticeably anthemic, it is also a heartfelt song with a message about living in the moment, especially with our loved ones.

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Frontwoman Sarah Blackwood says

“The lyrics reflect a longing to break free from the mundane routine and live in the present. Taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone can be a daunting task to tackle solo, but with the right person, these things can spark joy in its purest form.”

If Walk Off the Earth will unleash infectious earworm songs that immediately take up residence in our heads, they may as well impart suitably affecting and inspirational narratives. Since these are relentlessly honest and relatable definitely helps them stand out, time and time again.

I have been listening to some recent tracks from this band, and I must admit, their indie-pop sound has somewhat evolved since their earlier releases. With the new music, they are giving us the perfect, fresh, and energizing soundtrack for the summer season.

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