Leon Else can hardly be regarded as a new face on the music scene. The British singer/songwriter was first picked up upon a few years ago for his soulfully melting voice, at about the time when Sam Smith hysteria was really beginning to gather momentum. Pop-soul was the new hype and our ears were being lead towards it and in the flow of garage house takeover by the likes of Disclosure et all. Leon Else was also out there finding his feet in the cross-over between these two genres.

It is a different style for Leon Else though, that has made a far greater impression on me today, since he’s embraced an approach that works to both deliver strong important statements in his lyrics along with lightning up the melody, all with the use of drum pads and 80’s stylized synths.

Having just been made aware of the euphorically glorious new single “What I Won’t Do”, I’ll definitely be keeping a better track on what Leon Else is bringing out right now, because word is, it’s all kinda coming from the same place. Big life affirming lyrical narratives and equally big on the 80’s nostalgia.

I was pleasantly surprised by this single, it’s a real boost of 80’s radio friendly energy and quite simply I’ll put it like this… I can’t stop listening to it.