Synthpop fans were blessed with a new album from Depeche Mode this week. “Delta Machine” presents a dramatic dream-like sound with its storytelling lyrics and atmospheric instrumentals. In their 33 year career Depeche Mode has managed to remain current without compromising their method. “Delta Machine” is an interesting sound for vocalists Dave Gahan and Martin L. Gore who both deliver an intense performance. In “Welcome to my World” the guys sound like we have never heard them. The orchestral build up heightens the theatrical opening track, preparing listeners for the journey of a lifetime.

“Delta Machine” captures the band’s classic black sound over hypnotizing dark pop rhythms. If you are a long time Depeche Mode fan like me you will be satisfied with the deep lyrics perfectly illustrated by melodic vocal contrasts. Frontman Dave Gahan sounds fantastic in the smooth track, “Should Be Higher,” while Martin L. Gore really shines in “The Child Inside.” Like all of their albums “Delta Machine” is ahead of its time. However, this round they pushed their vocals to a new level. Another win for the synthpop pioneers!