Holy wow! I knew if I sat tight long enough over the holiday weekend a track might likely emerge that would fire up a bit of excitement in me.

As soon as “Weekends” by Stockholm four piece Lines, kicked-in with its combination of bass heavy dance beats, skewed melody and PC music styled traits. It had my attention well and truly switched on and a buzz. Lines have come out of the gates with a complete hunk of bombastic sized dance pop but whereas most dance tracks plod along by going bomp, bomp, bomp “Weekends” has a right bounce in its wake and especially a very impression forming presence.

Like when Cansei De Ser Sexy said “Music is my Hot Hot Sex”, I swear to you that “Weekends” highly addictive, trippy profusion of EDM energy, is the fire to get parties up and running in the upcoming months.

Weekends” is a total thrill explosion of canned heat being let out into the open. A bit of a loose cannon in action maybe, but an exhilarating ride of pure unabashed electro fizzing velocity and mind-altering psychedelic grooviness nonetheless.

It’s like when you pour that final, one-for-the-road Rocktail down your throat before bidding adieu to the club as the room starts to spin. “Weekends” is the lesser of a harmful version of feeling fucked up on the happy juice, in electric feel and technicolour trippin’ ecstasy. Easy as that!