When I started the task of checking out the EQ mailbag this weekend. The thought of writing about Ava Max never crossed my mind. Yet here I am today, writing about “Weapons,” the latest Ava Max track all of the same. It’s uplifting, euphoric pop unlike any other released this week. Yet, also, since I feel a little starved of a massive dose of pulsating electro-pop in my music diet of late. With the last helping of such like coming from Tove Lo this summer with her “Popcorn” interpolated anthem “2 Die 4.”

Arriving on January 27, 2023. Ava Max is on course to bring us her sophomore album, “Diamonds and Dancefloors“. Along with “Maybe You’re The Problem” and “Million Dollar Baby.” The latest album taster is the song “Weapons.” A collaboration with Cirkut, Madison Love, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, Melanie Fontana, and Ryan Tedder that lives up to the brief of dancefloor-ready cut.

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When thinking about Ava Max. If we were to ask anyone what the first thing is that springs to mind. The response we expect, is that she is recognized for the song “Sweet but Psycho“. Since her song, “Sweet but Psycho,” stems from a whole album campaign ago. She could do with another chart-topping whopper to her name. Whereas, “Maybe You’re the Problem” and Million Dollar Baby” is pure guilty pleasure pop tracks. She also needs a song even more massive than either of these teasers. So as to unquestionably make an impact as the sophomore album release nears. As a solid gold slab of electro-pop. “Weapons” destiny appears assured that it will dominate the international pop charts.

As opposed to some pop artists who sing about only the good parts of being in love. Ava also sings about the more challenging aspects. Both empowering and inspirational. The lyrical narrative in “Weapons” discusses manipulative behaviour caused by toxic and controlling forces. The track illustrates her formidable position in the future of pop. There can be no doubt she is poised for the next step up.

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