Following “Sadie” and “Loving You” we are now into the third single already from rising pop starlet Manou.

Falling back into the sonically tumbling atmospheric allure that we first felt emerging off of introductory track “Sadie”, Manou showcases the colour of it all again on new release “We Are”.

It is hard to pin-down just where Manou’s pop influences lie, but maybe we get more of a sense of 90’s throwback and a pastel shade of bubblegum stemming from the musical direction of “We Are”, brought to us via the hazily evocative synth structure teamed with guitar riffed embellishment.

Even though the overall topline melody is delicately presented “We Are” boasts a shimmery sing-a-long chorus of realness, which identifies with being accepting and proud with our individuality.

Manou may come across as having the soflty, softly approach to pop making, but it is this graceful sensitivity of touch and projection that goes uppermost towards the making of the notably rising pop starlet.