Artist-owned, independent record label FiXT Neon has introduced me to lots of credible synth-pop artists through 2020. Acts featured on EQ, PRIZM, Moonrunner83, Meet Me In Orbit all successfully proving to be masters in their field. The label certainly has an ear for commandeering the best up-and-coming synthwave acts. In so much, that I’m pretty much confident in them continuing to unearth more fantastic finds going forward into 2021. New to their roster (and, new to me) are the LA-based duo Moderns, comprising of Christopher Fudurich and Rosie Okumura. The duos latest effort “Watch” has a sleek, retro-futuristic vibe, that wouldn’t feel out of place on the original soundtrack to the 2011 movie “Drive.”

Focusing on using vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines, Moderns, fuse sounds from the past and the present in equal amounts. But the best place to have this track heard is not on a playlist or radio schedule. It feels as though the dreamy, track was made to be queued up on a suitably retro jukebox at a space disco, alongside the likes of “I Believe In You” by Kylie Minogue.

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There is much to like for discerning synth-pop fans as well as pop music enthusiasts alike. I am fascinated that Moderns have struck upon a style, that’s as eerie as it is danceable. Laidback grooves help with creating something which embodies the spirit of escapism. Although it has been helpful for some artists to document their feelings brewed up by the on-going pandemic, sharing them into songs. The dreamy, subtle sweeping groove of Moderns “Watch” when teamed with Rosie Okumura’s soft, floaty voice. Act as a nice disconnect from the misery and distress, 2020 has served up, from putting a spanner in the works. “Watch” is one of those musical moments that makes me wish I had a pilots licence, so I could just take to the air and float among the starlit sky. Drinking in the healing vibes of mystical galaxies and otherworldliness of the universe.

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