Nothing phases the beautifully audacious Neon Hitch!

We have witnessed over time that the travelling songstress with a gypsy sized heart sticks to her guns whatever events unfold, the mainstay is that the music comes first in her life and moreover a real connection with her fans.

Whilst working towards her debut album “Eleutheromaniac”, Neon Hitch has parted ways with her Record Company and whilst some might crumble into the backlight during the current state of flux within the music industry that we’ve all been awaringly hearing of, Neon Hitch is determined that the project will see the light of day sometime soon. Enabled in that Neon has brainchilded her own fan powered record label #WeRNeon whereby the it is the fans that pool together to ensure that Neon’s music gets heard and have a real input into the process through the #WeRNeon movement. It’s kind of a street team scenario, but knowing how Neon Hitch doesn’t do conventional, I think this fan guided promotional venture could prove oodles of fun as well as being productive in the music sense.

In my opinion being shackled down to a record label, perhaps wouldn’t really have sat right with the free-spirit loving Neon Hitch anyways, and she is clearly up for embracing the creative freedom that is now at her disposal.

The Kinetics and One Love collaborative effort “Warner Blvd” that concerns leaving her record label and taking her freedom back has been released as a #WeRNeon fan incentive.

Aside from the back story of the track, “Warner Blvd” is a good dose of pop! It is not a protest song, infact, it is all about letting go of the past and moving forward. Which is exactly what Neon Hitch is set about to do embarking upon a whopping 20 date self promoted tour.

That’s what you call Neon Hitch power!