Singled out as one of our previous Emerging Artists for his impressive musicality and inspiring songwriting, Liverpool’s most promising independent artist Daryl David has returned to the scene with his official second offering. Following the release of the reflective, rock-leaning “Tonight”, a brilliant track that resembled the throwback, stadium-ready vibe of The Killers, David now shares “Want You“, another taste of his upcoming debut extended play. The new song showcases the artist’s impressive ability to effortlessly reinvent his sound, diving into the world of electronic dance/pop with successful end results.

Want You” shows just how well-rounded and diverse David is as a talented, emerging artist, complete with an addictive, radio-ready hook and a smooth, sultry vocal performance. The upbeat production pairs well with the enduring songwriting to become something more than the typical Top 40 fluff… that’s what EQ is all about after all. David already proved he could pull off a sincere, inspiring, rock-like effort, but now looks forward to luring people to the dancefloor with his infectious second single.

While the highlight of the new track may by the unexpected change in direction for the young artist, the electro-pop production is the only thing the song has going for it. David‘s vocals are at the forefront of the new release and have a confident, suave nature to them as he sings of mixed feelings towards that special someone. “It starts well, and then it all goes bad, can we stay the same, and then we try to get along together, all forever, seems a bit too late,” the artist sings.

David has an uncanny way of using his pop melodies and relatable songwriting to form a personal connection with listeners. Even though “Want You” steers the artist into overcrowded and often criticized dance territory, the artist is still able to shine bright by conveying raw emotion over a pulsating beat. He does a commendable job at staying in the spotlight, never being overshadowed by the song’s euphoric, dance-worthy production. Seriously, this is a song Nick Jonas or Justin Beiber could have called their own.

With only two singles under his belt, David is already making it very difficult for publications to peg him as a certain kind of artist. “Want You” is the type of song that would satisfy festival attendees as well as those who prefer to jam out to music with a complex message. The newly released single continues to create a sense of intrigue and mystery around David, an impressive quality that will definitely create a bigger audience as his career continues to grow.