By Mandy Rogers

A full measure and a half of synth pleasure hits us from
L.A.  Ezra Reich and Nic Johns are the
brains behind the curious band calling themselves Room8.

Their debut single “Visions Of You” has just hit the web and
it’s rather a retro fest of a mid-80’s calling, that evokes back amongst the
Jane Wiedlins / Tiffany’s of the day.

Room8 call upon the assistance on this track of Electric
, famed for his neon noir hit “Drive” and they’ve also sort out legendary
art collective Zonders to add some retro sprucing to their imagery on the
forthcoming debut album cover for “Transduction”, of which this single acts as

Room8 kick up the 80’s in a distinctly neon hued rainbow
style of 80’s happiness, that’s pretty in shocking pink, acid yellow and lurid
lime, of the time.