How is it that it is September already? By the same token, yay also for September, that is the month the Editors new album “EBM” arrives. (Out 23rd September via PIAS). I have to say this of the rock/electro-rock band, they did not pique my interest in them before. However, in the length of a month, I have found myself writing about them twice. In the first instance, because I shared my glowing report on the band’s recent track “Kiss“. I now follow this up by showering some praise on them for “Vibe,” the last of the focus singles, before the “EBM” album arrives.

There seems to be some discord among the band’s fanbase at the moment at the style being explored for the upcoming long player release. Namely, with the fans that have long since appreciated the rock element, Editors bring to their music. Since they switched to focusing more on the electronic side of their music. A few fans have voiced they are struggling with the transition within the Editors’ new style and sound of the new album.

On a personal note, I very much appreciate the change of musical direction of the Editors that have happened recently. Where they seem to be bringing some New Order style of inspiration in these new tracks. I also pick out glimpses of Fenech-Soler. (As they were one of my all-time favourite bands, this pleases me immensely). That being said, if the Editors can bring this style of electronica back into my life. (Which, since 2017, has been missing). With these last two tracks, “Kiss” and “Vibe“, the band make me feel like a Fenech-Soler fan reborn, if honest.

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Speaking about “Vibe” Editors, singer, guitarist and pianist Tom Smith said the track… “It takes up where our 2019 single “Frankenstein” left off, and is a hymn celebrating the night, and all that thrives in the dark”.

Come to think about it, I am picking out some subtle, haunting tones woven into the throbbing bassline and backbeats of “Vibe“. These along with the dark-wave presence that emanates from the melody and topline. Gives the track somewhat a chilling ambience perfect for the spooky season.

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