We are all trying our hardest to put the trauma of the last eighteen months behind us. And perhaps the thought of listening to dark pop songs may not seem appealing to everyone. But, I do have a lyrically constructive, dark pop track I would like to share with you because of its importance, nonetheless.

Dublin based alt-pop artist Jack Rua unleashed a colourful, hyperpop offering earlier this year. The track “Contact” with Saint Taint. A track where as well as being switched on to the fluoro-fuelled vibrancy of the song. The songwriting stood out as being frank, capturing blatantly, honest emotions. The singer-songwriter is out with another well-crafted pop offering. “Vacuum” with LA-based electro-pop icon Kit Major. It is a track that boasts a strong, lyrical narrative but is also playful and fun.

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Much of what we experience in life. Shapes how we feel and how we react when we are put in difficult situations. Jack and Kit had a specific state of mind they wanted to explore when writing “Vacuum“. The song is about feelings of emptiness and being unable to make romantic connections due to experiencing, past traumas. A track where they have chosen their words wisely by tackling the subject head-on. On a more hopeful note. They also empower with healing those wounded by bad relationships, using these reassuring lyrics. “I still want to feel a little human touch, cos nothing compares to the kind of rush. I’m always trying to find it. There’s nothing quite like it.”

A song of both light and dark emotions. Where Kit Major says…

“Jack and I have a shared love for wrapping open wounds in glimmer and Pop. We all heal from heartbreak differently, this song is an anthem to breaking down the barriers of love.”

The message I got from the song, was a reminder that life is full of 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances. Ponder on that while you get acquainted with this sparky electro-pop anthem.

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