New Arcades

We can always look to New Arcades for a consummate dose of synth-pop, being as the duo have been firing out such electronic nuggets served in the timely retro fashion for what now equates to a substantial amount of time.

New Arcades consistency as artists is not to be sniffed at though, as they champion a sound which is very much defined by their skills in engineering riding at the hot-tip of it all.

Where Dean and Adam are concerned it’s the musicianship which leaps forward as paramount whilst further to this, it is known to us also that these guys birth a whole amount of cinematic into the scheme of things. All of which rings true when getting involved with the duo’s newest release “Until The End”.

In mixing up the old with the new, New Arcades arrive at the gate with not only a polished resumé but by the power of busting synth-pop, glistening in nostalgia too. Latest cut “Until The End” gives it all with bells on. Boasting, plenty of creative effort on-going under its synthy weight, if it were any dreamier these guys would be tapping into The Sound Of Arrows territory a little.

As stands on its own merit “Until The End” delivers an insight of intelligent hooks full of vibrancy and immediacy to sterlingly facilitate it’s live for the moment message.