ST_UndergroundEP_v1_final_hiresOver the last couple of months, we have been following pop new comer Stewart Taylor very closely. We’ve seen his ups with songs like ‘Recharge’, we’ve seen his downs with songs like ‘Withdrawal’. With each track, we got a glimpse into the man behind the great pop and R&B inspired sounds.  Now, we get to see the next chapter in the life and times of Stewart Taylor with his latest EP entitled Underground.

With the open-book style songwriting leading the charge, Taylor says of the record:

“My new EP Underground is a taste of what Pop/R&B music sounds like in the New York underground music scene. I’ve spent the past year writing and recording the EP with up-and-coming NYC producers Drew of the Drew (Brayton Bowman) and Chris Leon (Justin Timberlake, Wiz Khalifa, Matthew Koma). They helped give my music a more urban edge, while still staying true to my pop roots.

The record is a pretty accurate representation of where I’m at in my life in terms of love, sex, heartbreak, and self-acceptance. I’ve been through a lot in the past few years and overcome a lot of adversity, and my songwriting on the record definitely reflects that”.

there is definitely a song for virtually every mood on this record. Are you feeling a little naughty? Pop on the very funky Prince-style ‘Sex/Weapon’ you’re bound to get a little freaky. Don’t let the title scare you off. Some of the naughtier themed songs can be some of the greatest songs. This time around, ‘Sex/Weapon’ has an electronic melody with a little bit of guitar takes a dirty little single into a dance floor banger. This one in particular doesn’t get too sensual. It makes it clear that Stewart is so infatuated with this gent that his lover is able to use his body as collateral. I could honestly go on about his falsetto, but you got to know more about this EP!

Are you feeling maybe a bit broken inside after a rough relationship? Check out the track entitled ‘More.’ This is one of the darker songs that Stewart has ever penned. Again, don’t be frightened when the word dark is thrown around, because this is kind of a twist on the break up song. With a very heavier rock edge you have a track in which pushes more towards anger in feeling used and wanting more out of a relationship. Though, with a dark side, Stewart never loses his dance floor trademark. He is quite the dancer! This must be the “New York Underground sound” that Stewart discussed…

It takes a lot nowadays to produce a complete, thought provoking record. Sometimes you turn on an album and it just falls flat on one emotion. Not when it comes to Stewart Taylor. Forget Taylor Swift! If you want yourself a complete EP that you will not skip a single track. Underground is the EP for you.