Currently breaking-through on Copenhagen Records, (the same imprint which Alphabeat’s Stine Bramsen is signed too as a solo artist) are the up-and-coming Danish trio of Scarlet Pleasure.

Presently grabbing heaps of attention via Denmark’s underground club scene, the trio formed of Emil, Alexander and Joachim enlighten upon an R’n’B prepped tableau of soul derived music making.

Granted not of the usual pop mix connotations which we are so frequently hearing filtering out of Denmark at all. The trio’s new single “Under The Palm Trees” though, makes for a highly intriguing and enjoyable listen, mostly owing to the factors of humour and retro steeped nature that shape the track into an eclectic collage of entertainment mediums. All of which will become coherently apparent when viewing the accompanying lyric video.

Some might say the whole pop mix here is food for thought, but clearly in Scarlet Pleasure’s case there’s only one fruity food group they are appearing interested in. Along with the strategic placing of a watermelon!

Consider these the (fruit) salad days of a fascinating emerging new act, showcasing an invigoratingly diversified pop direction.

Where this is all leading we haven’t the faintest of ideas, but it seems for sure that Scarlet Pleasure are completely in with it for the optimum of reasons.