Photo: Julian Shereda-McKenna

Not so long ago, we dipped our disco stick into the R’n’B woozy offering of “Money” from the emerging stateside pop duo Powers. For the most part we were intrigued by “Money’s” intoxicatingly seductive allure, but aside from this matter, Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru who make up Powers each have some great working credits to their names, that we were more than a little curious and hopeful of what this pop partnership could further offer.

We wonder no more, as Powers have justly produced a follow-up “Touch The World”. Arriving with all the throbbing panache of an angsty power anthem, it erupts into a full flow of storming synth shaped direction which serves as an electrifyingly just accompaniment to the sing-talk delivered vocals.

The cut of the jib of “Touch The World” is certainly telling that Crista Ru has worked with Icona Pop, since Crista’s vocals launch with a very akin like approach and also like Icona Pop’s smash anthem “I Love It”, “Touch The World” thrives upon a similar giving chorus of power chanting.

Could “Touch This World” be this years “I Love It”? Well it is definitely deserving of a pot shot at conquering the broader pop world that’s for sure! For now we’ll thrive off of the full stomping moxie of that chorus and keenly await to see it get it’s hooks into the pop world at large. Hopeful as the word gets out on this audaciously peppy track, we will see that “Touch The World” might serve as the touchpaper that brings Powers into the fuller glow of the music media spotlight.