The boys in heels, the fabulous, extremely good looking KAZAKY, are treating fans to the second single from their upcoming album, I Like It. “Touch Me” follows in the same footsteps as the rest of the group’s previous catalog, an uptempo, electro/dance creation that would fit in perfectly at the nearest club or with the energy of walking down the runway, as the boys have done numerous times in their career.

Production on the new track is a big factor in its catchy nature. It grabs attention with the first few notes. Vocals are strong and seductive as well, as the group advises others to touch them when the music is playing loud. Remember, do as you’re told! “But at night you come back to your desire,” the boys sing. Cockiness never sounded so good.

KAZAKY‘s “Touch Me” is a nice, decent effort. It may not be as addictive as “Love” or “Dance & Change“, it does not deviate far from the formula the boys have been crafting for themselves since they first surge in popularity, but it is a fun dance track that will please their fans and fans of the dance/electronic/house genre. The songwriting is kept simple, the production is the main highlight and the vocals are a dream, ready to dominate any listener.