No-one can dispute the fact that alternative indie-pop band Bastille have pretty much been ranked up there as one of the most hard-working and performance giving acts of the past two years. Even before chart-topping single “Pompeii”, debut album “Bad Blood” and it’s subsequent re-package of “All This Bad Blood” made stratospheric impact the globe over, the indie-outfit worked their way up to the prominence they are reaping now by gigging and fashioning two mixtapes into the bargain titled “Other Peoples Heartache” Parts I & II.

The “Other Peoples Heartache” mixtapes served as a bridge to the arrival of the debut album and saw collaborations with other up and coming new artists such as Ella Eyre and Gabriel Aplin, upon re-invented cover songs, mostly of genre fused presentation.

Whilst the Bastille fandom eagerly awaits a sophomore album release, somehow the bands tremendous work schedule of putting together the new album and rigorously performing all over the globe has allowed them to return to the mixtape format and deal a third chapter of their collaborative musical experimentations – with the only difference this time out being, all 8 tracks are original Bastille material.

VS. “Other Peoples Heartache Part III”

1. Fall Into Your Arms (Bastille vs. The Gemma Sharples Quartet)
2. Bite Down (Bastille vs. HAIM)
3. bad_news (Bastille vs. MNEK)
4. The Driver
5. Axe To Grind (Bastille vs. Tyde vs. Rationale)
6. Torn Apart (Bastille vs. Grades vs. Lizzo)
7. Weapon (Bastille vs. Angel Haze vs. F*U*G*Z vs. Braque)
8. Remains (Bastille vs. Rag N Bone Man vs. Skunk Anansie)

Unlike the previous two mixtape predecessors that were given away as freebies, Part III will see a release through iTunes on 5th December and since it is being viewed as a mini-album it all kicks off with the introductory release of the Grades co-write and produced track “Torn Apart”.

For the emerging London based DJ and producer who has been on the hot-tip of a breakthrough now for a short time, collaborating with Bastille is a sure fire thing to reap that final push of recognition needed to see him go forth and be seen as established in his own right.

Almost a year ago Bastille cut from the promotion of “Bad Blood” to release their most uptempo pop-centric track todate “Of the Night” and in some way the forthcoming release of the Grades collaboration “Torn Apart” takes up upon this baton of uptempo club directed peppiness.

If “Torn Apart” which I regard as a popalooza of a new tune and quite honestly is better than most of what makes its way into the pop charts these days has made it’s way to the mixtape, I can only stand excited with the Bastille fandom as to what the sophomore album might be giving of.