It’s certainly some time since boy band Union J found themselves up against any of their former X Factor hopefuls, but seeing as fellow class 2012 alumni Ella Henderson is currently on the hot tip of debuting her own solo material as of right now, it might be entirely possible once more that the two pop acts might find themselves head to head but this time about, all over the pop charts.

As following on from previous successful singles “Carry You” and “Beautiful Life” the boys of Union J make a bid to populate the boy band pop market by unleashing some major new tunes in support of their upcoming sophomore album.

First choice cut from this 2nd chapter of tracks comes via the euphoric lead single “Tonight” (We Live Forever).

Wisely the boys breakthrough the new material with the complete shebang of catchy-melody, sing-a-long chorus and hard to resist toe-tapping craziness, which to be quite honest I’d never be one to see myself enjoying anything so much by a teeny-bop boy band such as Union J in my usual day to day circumstances.

Yet enjoy “Tonight” (We Live Forever) I sure did take a shine too. I even found myself involuntarily doing the aforesaid toe tapping. The mesmerising nature of the pop beats behind the track caught me off-guard and it seems that I’m rather taken by it already. Chances are highly probable that as summer heats up, many a pop listener will find themselves in the very least inexplicably humming along to this newie from Union J also.

It’s certainly the case of the power of the: whoa, oh sing-a-long chorus striking again!