Oh my goodness, it has felt good to take a breather over the holiday season. Yet, by the same token. In addition, the time away has triggered a craving for a helping of newly released synth-pop that my eardrums are sorely in need of. I was in luck to find the duo Marsheaux (Marianthi and Sophie) had unleased new remixes to their 2018 track “To The End“.

The original track appears on the 2013 album “Inhale“. Although did not feature on the subsequent “Inhale” remix album released in 2019. “To The End,” however, remains one of the most iconic pieces of work by the Greek synth-pop act. Regardless of not having a new release from Marsheaux in three years. It is most excellent that they came back with an extended version plus a new remix treatment by London-based producer Nikonn of this fan favourite.

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Upon discovering these freshly prepared interpretations pop up online. It is the Nikonn mix with its electrifying analogue allure that has satisfied my synth-pop needs perfectly. As Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou of the duo sing whispered, airy vocals, Nikonn’s pulsing beats work perfectly with them.

Since both ladies have their own solo projects, ASPRA (Sophie) and Me///o (Marianthi) and where presumably, this has come about because of Maranthi’s move to London. I hope they will continue to release as Marsheaux as well. Maybe I am reading far too much into the latest release. If you ask me, “To The End” sounds pretty final, like hinting at the ending of a band but not actually saying so. Of course, I hope I am wrong and that I am misreading the situation. However, if Marsheaux were to bow out. The Nikonn remix is a fitting swansong for them if I ever heard one.

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