Just try and stop me being drawn in by an anthemic chorus of synths in harmony.

I can tell you, it would be a task and half as when a wall of uplifting synth sound strikes up I’ll be drinking the euphorically golden, electronic nectar up like honey to the bee!

When it comes to indietronica like this I can’t help but harbour a penchant for the stuff, especially so if it is served out of the jar marked electronic jam with a sunny disposition.

Providers of this indietonica fuelled pop gem are L.A. based outfit Cataline, who breakout as a promising new concern via this melodiously catchy debut effort, and which is indeed coming out of the gate in neon pulsing poptronic proportions.

A little of the back-story on this track, serves to go a long way into connecting with a deeper appreciation of “To Be Alive’s” overall realisation. And, to this end, you might like to take on board that Cataline is the brainchild of producer, musician and artist Brent Puls who has already enjoyed a successfully diverse career in music production. After encountering a near-death experience a couple of years ago, Puls took to re-evaluate in his recuperation and Cataline was born, as an expression of joyful release.

Now “To Be Alive” has become more than just the words of an upbeat pop song. It now has meaning and heart. Additionally to this “To Be Alive” not only hits a positive note in an empowering sense, it also strikes up a chord of congeniality and liberation by it’s very burst of kinetically uplifting synth-pop energy.

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