You’d not want to be confusing electronic pop artist Gemini with UK Eurovision mis-fires Jemini, because oooh there is nothing so off-key with what newly reinvented Gemini has to offer.

Formerly concentrating his artistic strengths into the production end of dubstep/ house, Gemini’s Thomas Slinger ignited acclaim in the over-saturated arena and then went off travelling extensively on a journey of self-discovery, new experiences and cultural inspiration.

Four whole years in the making and Gemini has returned with a whole new perspective and aesthetic embedded in his music. One which is largely cinematic and euphorically lush in ambience.

Leading on the debut album project “Wanderlust”, Gemini unleashes the icy electronic strains of initial focus release “Time To Share”. Maybe with just a hint of his dub-house past about it peeking up in the bassline structure. Gemini has re-crafted his craft into an attention grabbing dynamically embraced electronic pop song, which is unwaveringly catchy & if I’m not mistaken might have a ukulele in a starring role upon it.

Much as Thomas Slinger has done so, I suggest you go off on a voyage of new music discovery via the Soundcloud stream below and discover this gem for yourselves.

Just bear in mind when you hit play, you’ll more than likely be seduced under its spell, hook, line and sinker, much as I am.