Long-time EQ favorite Javi has teamed up with Henry Maldonado of Son of Sound to form a slick new electronic duo called Native Underground which I’m kinda diggin on at the moment. 

Native Underground came together through Craigslist of all places. Veteran house producer Henry Maldonado was looking for a singer that channeled the likes of Chaz Jankel, Peter Brown, and even Wham-era George Michael to pair with his latest work, so he placed an ad online.  Simply enough, Javi answered the ad, Henry loved his voice, and the rest, well, the rest is the history.

Enjoy this hot little track – I can’t stop playing it.  With an uber cool production, addictive synth lines and Javi’s signature smooth vocal style, I’d say this one is a winner for sure. 

“Till It Hurts” is being released digitally on November 15th.