Photo by Danielle Guelbart

Not before time, NYC pop artist EVVY is seeing her frothy brand of synth hued fluttery pop being noticed by the likes of respected music chart compilers and tastemakers Billboard, practically one of the biggest of all recognised music industry bodies out of anywhere.

Fair play to EVVY winning this level of recognition on side, as she charmed us often enough last year with her brightly engaging synth spiked initial independent releases. Whilst, moreover it can only be seen as a right step in going forwards of the nurturing of emerging talents within the pop arena, which too many has appeared a genre that has been cast away to the sidelines as the surge in popularity of club-crossover and dance pop took over.

Flanked by her usual collaborators that of Mickey Valen and Chris Wallitsch they are further assisted by Scissor Sisters band member Babydaddy who comes in as a co-writer of their latest focus release “Tidal Wave”.

In affect as much, it becomes clear that “Tidal Wave” takes much influence from its title as when coming into view it does so via a sweeping surge garnered up of upbeat melody, driven on by a big pop accentuated glittery heart beating behind it.

As ever spurred on by a hi-5 hit of EVVY’s dreamy vocal execution at the helm of the hazy synth-pop dazzler, it explores a more poignant territory of narrative under the surface of its glistening exterior. One that reads through of an emotional rollercoaster of upheaval but puts us back on track through the sunnier disposition of its effervescently uplifting melody.

To this end, what we have always seen in EVVY are the overall attributes of honest to goodness pop suited intentions and upon “Tidal Wave” there is no noticeable change in the pattern here, only more weight added to the cause of seeing pop of this ilk regain a little more credibility in the music place once more.