Investing a little time to check out dark pop songstress Roniit is a worthy few minutes spent. Especially so, if a gothic heart lies trembling within you, because the dynamic here at play has the bar set on the dramatic.

A former metalhead shaking off expressive rawness in favour of channeling it down through an otherworldly spectrum of pop theatrics. In turn, leads us some way into the realm of modern times giganticness opened up by Evanescence.

Bold in statements and artistry Roniit, is not however, an artist who plays it in the shadows. For there is much ethereal presence presiding over the weight of future bass electronic mapping deployed here by on-the-rise producer Trivecta, who is honed in on everything from trance right through to dubstep.

The sum of it all, elicits a perfect canvas for Roniit’s empyrean extending, glistening vox.

In gluing these elements together for current focus single “Through The Night”, Roniit is able to dig deep within herself to bring forth such earnest and soul seeking narratives, illuminating the pain felt when mourning a lost love. The kind of malaise which a best creeps up and plays on the mind during the after midnight hours.

What can be further said of the song, it forms part of a hi-vis package of visual epicness which was very much lead in thinking by the evocatively icy and dreamy spun atmosphere which serves this indietronic dark pop nugget well.

More on that all that coming soon. For now time to sit a while in contemplation and deep thinking. With Ronitt assisting in over-turning all that turmoil bubbled up inside, into a much more serene scene of accepted understanding.