March 2016 was quite the month for pop music. As the temperature began to rise, so did the hot new pop beats caressing our ear drums.  It’s a new month, and that can only mean one thing…

A brand spanking new “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist for April 2016!

From the past 31 days, we’ve compiled the 25 best tracks that have graced the pages of EQ Music for your own listening pleasure.

This month’s Poptronik beats include:

“You Are The Only One” by Sergey Lazarev – Thunder and lightning, the face of euro pop has gotten exciting! With an upbeat, positive, love song matched with innovative and striking visuals in the accompanying video; When Sergey takes the Stockholm stage with the pop banger ‘You Are The Only One’ this May, the world will finally see what we’ve been talking about all these years.

“Until The End” by New Arcades – We can always look to New Arcades for the consummate dose of synth-pop. After firing great electronic nuggets out for a substantial amount of time, this past month the duo released their latest single ‘Until The End.’ In mixing up the old and the new, New Arcades arrive with the power of busting synth-pop, glistening in nostalgia too.

“One Strike” By All Saints – There hasn’t been quite the girl band presence in the charts since the late 90’s has there? As of late Little Mix and Fifth Harmony have been quite comfortable at the top… until now. It’s true All Saints are officially back! This past month brought the first single off their new album “Red Flag” entitled ‘One Strike.’ Too look at and hear them, you wouldn’t think of them as 20 years older. The girls are still able to harmonize as well as they did then, then with a modern 2016 edge!

“Coda” By Kill J – Through ethereal meets synth pop sounds, Kill J takes the listener on a journey of full blown empowerment. For the non-musically educated, the term coda is the ending passage of a piece of music. ‘Coda’ takes the listener on a full blown tempo roller coaster whilst delivering a powerful message of standing up for yourself by taking the last word in the end.

Raj had a chance to check out Kill J live at SXSW, check it out here.

“Close” by Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo – He’s not a boy anymore! By taking inspiration from the moody vocal stylings of his featured counterpart Tove Lo, Nick Jonas tells the true story of the magic and madness of love. By using the analogy of fear, ‘Close’ describes the separation of two lovers when the other is too afraid of commitment. Taking the literal expression of that fear, the video also turns up the heat. No worries it’s a video safe for work! They’re just showing the world the forces of love that not even a rocket scientist can explain.


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