Dan Smith of alt-pop band Bastille loves films so much he can’t help but write songs for his band which, are heavily influenced by cult classic movies. Even casual listeners will know during Bastille’s infancy, Dan was so besotted by Mark Frost / David Lynch crime drama Twin Peaks. That he famously penned the track, “Laura Palmer” dedicated to the series iconic lead character. Dan is such a film buff. He also started the Distraction Tactics Film Club as a way of keeping people connected during lockdown. He suggested a film to watch. Subsequently meeting up a week later with fans to discuss it on Instagram. Dan may not have covered his love of the Ridley Scott directed film “Thelma and Louise” during the Distraction Tactics sessions. Instead, it gets its own special nod of recognition as the influence behind the latest Bastille single release, “Thelma + Louise“.

Launching the track “Distorted Light Beam” as the first focus release of the upcoming album, we noted Bastille were taking the new music in an electronic direction. “Thelma + Louise” picks up on this new trend for the band. Offering flashes of synths, overseen by a newer, pronounced use of electronic production. Also keeping, mindful of retaining some of Bastille’s signature indie-pop stylings.

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Receiving its first play on Radio 1s Future Sounds ( check out interview HERE) with guest host alt-pop artist YUNGBLUD, Dan Smith had this to say about “Thelma + Louise“…

“I wanted to write a love letter to the film. A love letter to feminism. A love letter to escapism. A love letter to throwing off the shackles of a life that you might be frustrated by. Particularly during a pandemic where in your mind, you’re wanting to be somewhere totally different”.

Supporting the release. A performance video was promptly despatched to YouTube. A performance video with a twist, no less. Replicating the 1991 movie, Dan has commandeered an iconic prop which also has a pivotal role in the film. A 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible.

80s vibes, synths and electronics. Nods to pop culture. I am liking this new Bastille era a lot.

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