She’s served us two searingly emotive singles already in “Trooper” and “Seven” and owing to the fact that the release date of Vanbot’s upcoming album “Perfect Storm” continues to inch towards its allotted arrival date of May 15th, there’s time enough to become acquainted with another of the electronica gleaming collections tracks, which in this instance the chosen prestige is given to the track “The Way You Say It”.

In her re-emergence we have noted that Vanbot’s Ester Ideskog is embracing of a whole new musical mindset leading the “Perfect Storm” into a terrain of sonic layers, icy electronics and a stronger sense of experimental artistry tapping away at its weather-beaten core.

The promotional launch of this new track “The Way You Say It” further assists in bringing to light the edgier sense of direction sought of Vanbot’s visionary re-alignment into the deeper realms of the electronic spectrum, but it also brings with it this time a fully blossoming chorus built of sonically receptive chord harmonies in support of Vanbot’s trademark airily projected vocals.

To this end, what is most felt of this particular track, is a visitation almost of the younger Vanbot sister looking in on her evolving creatively confident, newer self.

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Vanbot is headed over to the UK on May 8th at Hoxton Square Bar and kitchen – London (Further details HERE)