EQ favorite Solomon recently put his own music career on hold (his last single “Life Goes On” was released back in May 2012) in order to help mold those of his SolRay Records artists, Wilson Knight and ROB.B, both of which are currently promoting their debut singles.

With the July 2nd premiere of his latest effort, the personal, tear-jerking “The Way We Were”, somewhat inspired by the 1973 film of the same name, the wheels are picking up speed towards the unveiling of his first debut album, Why Boys Cry, set for a release later this year.

The new single shows the artist reinventing his sound once again. It does not carry a tough, hip-hop vibe found in his early releases or the catchy, pop influences of his last single, but falls somewhere in between as Solomon tells the emotional details of a relationship he did not cherish as much as he should have. “Wouldn’t drink as much, If that’s all it took, I would gladly give it up, to rewrite our book,” he sings.

“I started doing mixtapes back in 2008. I didn’t think anyone would hear my music and when people did, I got scared and embarrassed being so vulnerable”, Solomon says. “I’ve always had an emotional theme to my music but for this album, I’m completely transparent. I’m comfortable showcasing my insecurities and personal issues in my songs, because I don’t convey any of that in real life.”

The Way We Were” is a meaningful alternative to the pop genre. Heartbreak and pain can be heard in the artist’s vocals as the lyrics, and drunken voicemail, paint a picture of despair. Overall, it seems to be a healthy, effective therapy session for Solomon that listeners can relate to and immediately respect. We sure do!