Zac Poor

It quite feels like an age of aeons ago that that it was suggested there was some new material about to drop from Montana raised singer songwriter Zac Poor infact, it’s been a full massive 5 years since his debut EP “Let’s Just Call It Heartbreak” which was released in collaboration with Glee Producer Adam Anders appeared and we were suitably impressed enough to call Zac out as a rising new pop talent to look out for.

From this more than promising start a few hiccups stumbled their way onto Zac’s proposed career path and he began channelling his creativity into songwriting for other artists, whilst always having the intention I feel to return in getting his own songs out there as Zac Poor music artist someday.

Meanwhile of late it seems Zac has spent a considerable amount of time in the land of OZ, concentrating on writing with a pool of upcoming artists out there and has become more than noticed for his collaborations with Australian X Factor Winner Samantha Jade.

Now though is obviously the right time in Zac’s life to recommence upon his own music artist endeavours, and it is more than pleasing to hear that it is coming to fruition through a full EP release titled “The Crossroads Sessions“ in the fall of this year.

So in leading up to a clutch of Zac Poor songs that we’ll no doubt melt our hearts away too, the first focus track “The Way It Feels” has dropped. Awww and it’s so more than nice to be reminded of Zac’s singing voice once more! Dreamy, swoonsome, scaling to heart stirring falsetto heights and the delivery is just so passionate it begs that you experience every bit of emotion that Zac pours right into this.

A brand new era for Zac Poor has well and truly arrived, and one which you’d be more than advised by us to keep a close eye and ear upon, if you’re bone fide Nick Jonas fan who also appreciates beautiful pop, get in on this! I feel Zac Poor is really going to appeal to you guys espech!