Singer-songwriter Charlie Melrose isn’t a child from the 1980’s, yet, she has a very interesting connection to one of our favourite decades in electronic pop music. She was born into a musical family, she is the daughter of industry veteran Neil O’Connor and is the niece of “Breaking Glass” actress, “D-Days” and “Will You” songstress Hazel O’Connor. The reason why we are shining an obvious light on the family ties in the first instance is that this has more relevance to Charlie’s new single “The Original Ghost.”

Charlie has a specific reason for penning the track, it has been written in response to the fragmented relationship she experienced with her father. Being the daughter of an ambitious musician and producer was a less than enjoyable time for this young girl. Regrettably, their bond came apart as her father forged ahead with his career. Despite Charlie making all the effort to strengthen their relationship, she suffered the indignity of him ‘ghosting’ her and breaking a string of promises. So, sad.

The Original Ghost” is Charlie’s way of allowing her emotional scars which have existed with her for so long to be seen by everyone who listens to this song. I can only think of how on the one hand, telling a true story like this must help in the healing of lifelong wounds. While on the other hand run deep with unhappiness, heartbreak and suffering. Ultimately, the present time in Charlie’s life and the strength she now shows to address such a life-shaping event is a brave step forward.

The track is also the singer’s biggest, brightest pop-sensible effort of her career. Her voice swells and swoops like a bird set free from a cage, fluttering away to freedom. It is abundantly clear who is leading the charge with subtle, sonic sophistication. Her alluring soulful vocals are a match for her soul-bearing lyrics. With truth and constantly exploring new ground, Charlie Melrose is most notably, coming into her own.

Be sure to check out the track premiering on the Soundcloud stream above. It will be available to add to your Spotify playlist from Friday, give Charlie a follow in readiness.

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