by Raj Rudolph

I've fell in love the silky smooth vocal stylings of Coury Palermo in the past as his voice is just mesmerizing.  I've even gone as far as proclaiming him the male version of Sarah McLachlan.  His past tunes weren't exactly electronic pop, yet were deep and emotive and that always struck a warm cord with me.

Hoping to make the crossover from serious singer/songerwriter over into the world of dance pop, Coury has teamed up with mega producer and artist Morgan Page to release new track "The Only One" which will feature on Morgan's new album "In The Air" which also features great collaborations including the mighty Tegan & Sara, BT and Nadia Ali.

I for one am EXCITED about all of this.  Coury is also working on his first album in the electronic pop genre and you can bet that I'll be all over that like a rash when it comes to getting the tracks out there…