A big diva like vocal from another of Australia’s young über talented singer/songwriters.

Back in 2007 as a 12 year old, Bonnie Anderson was the first ever winner of Australia’s Got Talent. Coming up through the ranks with the likes of fellow Got Talent alumni, the all singing, all dancing dance-pop troupe the Justice Crew.

After winning the whole shebang, Bonnie quite wisely shunned many lucrative recording offers, deciding to live out her childhood years concentrating on her studies and hanging out with her friends before forging ahead with a career in music.

So, so soon Bonnie is all grown up. And you know what? Bonnie’s former 12 year old self has really blossomed into a stunner of beautiful proportions, both in the skin she has grown into and the capacity her already breathtaking vocal prowess has gone on to develop in an all round richer tonality and strength.

The perfect tools for a re-launch and to carry Bonnie to even greater heights with her clubtastic new single “The Ones I Love”.

In “The Ones I Love”, Bonnie has recreated that whole “Ride On Time” by Black Box thing of giving, BIG larger-than-life vocals pitted against inescapably, infectious, high energy dance beats.

After its Australian release, this track is now headed towards the American market and I can’t foresee any reason why it will not storm the clubs out there. Just don’t forget your potential European audience Bonnie, we could do with the likes of a young vocal diva like you to add some oomph to what is considered pop with us right now. Believe us you’d quite wipeout the dancefloor!