It was more than just the name Skinny Days alone leapt out at me when I was introduced to this sun drenched, dancefloor anthem from this well-heeled Norwegian production duo. The vocalist they’ve got on board in way of Emilie Adams has the most captivating vocal, suitably icy and all way imposing. Truth be told, I found myself pretty engaged by Emilie’s performance.

To pay them their dues, Skinny Days are very sought after songwriters, musicians and producers they’ve worked with Astrid S and Isac Elliot. And it is clear they are in the know when it comes to finding a voice that fits so seamlessly into their effervescent EDM mix.

There is such an energy to this track which it has to be said, bounces along with more than a bit of The Chainsmokers spring in its step. Nevertheless, I feel certain “The One That Got Away” is the kind of track that will be well received wherever it gets an airing because it’s pretty huge with the feel good vibes.