Like most newcomers on the pop scene, French fellow Jasper Wilde is taking inspiration from the influence’s that have played a part in his upbringing to set about establishing a sound of his own. Needless to say as an emerging artist in his infancy, this gives greatest reason to experiment and not settle upon just one strength.

When Jasper began making waves last year with the arrival of his debut the “One” EP, the youngster really channeled in deep with the funk pop vibes, largely bestowed in homage to music icons Michael Jackson and Prince. Which Wilde approached in a thoroughly modern way that it wouldn’t be a misguided notion to assume the aspiring pop singer had been taken under the wing as a protégé of the Justin Timberlake / Timbaland set-up.

Wilde though, just plainly burst out with the style of music which shaped his formative years albeit, knowledgably transcending with a natural gifted talent for nailing down incredibly well crafted, slick pop tunes amounting to gleaming production polished end products. Whilst, much was made of Wilde’s mimicking style, but you know there was no discounting that the kid has skills that exuded potential.

Spending some time back in the studio, working up new material that he can bring to a bigger audience via a stage setting, Jasper kick starts the momentum again with a poppier sound on board for “The One That Got Away”.

We couldn’t let this one slip away under our music radar because, well Jasper got that circa 90’s/noughties throwback pop star vibes, peaching it dynamically in cinematic sound. The harmonizing wouldn’t seem at all out of place in a boy band set-up to be honest. Yet, there is just something about Jasper Wilde though that strongly indicates he has much more to give. What he is starting out with now shows he has the raw talent to realize his end goals. Maybe the style needs a little more room to grow, but were not going to hold back from saying that high hopes are resting on Jasper Wilde turning things out dandy in the long run.