By Jordan Meehan

Queen of Hearts has just released her second EP, Neon/Tears in the Rain, following her incredible debut EP, The Arrival. I feel in love with our lovely Queen when I first heard The Arrival and when she announced that 2012 would be the year of The Queen, I immediately got excited for new material, and it's finally here! The new EP, which is a double A-side of Neon and Tears in the Rain features two bonus tracks, Forgive Me and No More, really shows how she's grown as an artist over the past few months with her sound and song writing skills.

The EP kicks off with Neon (shocker, right?), a driving, pounding electronic pop track, which kind of sounds like a more evolved version of Where Are You Now and Freestyle from The Arrival, but with more of a dance beat. Tears in the Rain has a big ethereal sound to it, and it's not hard to see why this song is a double A-side single with Neon. It's simply incredible.

Forgive Me, one of the bonus tracks, kicks off in French, which is delightfully reminiscent of Sorry from Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor album. Alas, this song is better than Sorry and once you listen to it, you'll understand why. It has a very similar feel to the other songs on the album in that it has a bit of a driving beat, although less so than Neon. The last track on the EP, which is definitely my favorite, is No More, which I think is a little Depeche Mode. It's got a big, bright chorus and an overall incredible sound.

I was a little worried that Queen of Hearts' new material wouldn't live up to the songs on The Arrival, but it looks I didn't have to worry afterall, as this new EP is just as good. It's hard to really compare this new EP to The Arrival, as it has such a different sound and feel to it. The Neon/Tears in the Rain EP is an amazing piece of electronic pop which fits perfectly next to her old material and really shows her growth as an artist. You won't want to pass this one up, boys and girls.

You can buy Neon/Tears in the Rain on iTunes here:

Neon / Tears in the Rain - EP - Queen of Hearts