Kaskade is back with a funky new little groover called "Dynasty" which features the vocals of Haley and it is the first single from his new album of the same name – which will be coming out very soon.  

What Kaskade is doing promo-wise is quite interesting I think.  He's releasing three singles straight away on iTunes without any big PR build up – and if you buy the tracks from iTunes, you'll then get the album cheaper using the "Complete My Album" function – thus in the end, not making you spend any extra money on tracks you already have.  Not an ingenious idea at all, but I do like this promo model and here's why…

You need to have a bit of a fan base to do this, but if you spring the surprise on your fans, they immediately will go crazy and download your new tracks straight away because – well, THEY SIMPLY ARE AVAILABLE.  I could see this model working well with some artists (ie: Frankmusik).  Just put your tracks out there – don't tell anyone about it and when they are up – simply announce it via social networking.

Yeah it kinda thinks outta the box and well it makes PRs jobs a bit easier, but think about it…if Lady Gaga just announced she had some new tracks available on iTunes without any promotion – you sure as hell would just go buy them straight away wouldn't you?!  Now I know, Kaskade is no Lady Gaga that's for sure, but if Tiesto, Adam Lambert or Mika did this – I would probably buy their new tracks straight away without much of a thought (pending they weren't utter shit) because I'm a fan of their music in general and by cutting out the hype machine – you are instantly called to action to buy the music – instead of knowing ahead of time that an album is coming out and then searching for it online to download it for free a few days before it's release date, because, well by that time – it's leaked anyways.

It's simple – but in my opinion – revolutionary.  If you are an artist with a dedicated fan base and want to maximize your profits – this model could work for you.

You can listen to "Dynasty" ft. Haley right now and of course, it's on Kaskade - Dynasty (feat. Haley) - Single.