I am not what you’d call a TikTok cool kind of person. I do not, really frequent, that platform albeit, for noting TikTok videos that go viral on the web. I am sure a lot of what goes on there, goes under my radar. Like Lenii, a singer, music producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Cork, Ireland causing a stir with a rap that she wrote after watching the 2020 Presidential Debate. The clip amassed two million TikTok views. And Lenii was showered with requests to finish the Gen Z anthem resulting in the track “The Kids Are All Rebels.” I haven’t come across this important, track before until being given a heads-up on an uber-cool remix from, a young leading light on the EDM scene, producer/DJ Callie Reiff.

This new mix of “The Kids Are All Rebels” is a different kind of edgy. Helped along, with Callie’s innovative, choppy production. It sounds completely different. More intense, even. Undoubtedly, both of these ladies are exceptionally talented. I am loving this collaboration. It self-evident, that Callie recognised stamping her production mark on the track, meant, she could inject something extra on this already extra-piece of alt-pop mastery.

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The song’s social commentary touches on climate change, Covid-19, police brutality and sexism. It covers a lot in its two minutes, forty-time slot. The vocals triple-threat Lenii provides are so slick. She certainly knows her craft. Which feels somewhat reminiscent to Bülow, all very raw and authentic with a touch of emo. The strikingly passionate lyrics bite as much as the production does. Couple all of that with Callie Reiff’s equally cool production sensibility. The ladies have done good, clocking up a fierce powerhouse collaboration. Their fresh and colourful approach is like a squeeze of lime on a Tequila shot. Exudes exhilarating, future-forward thinking. I hope these ladies consider working together, some more. Upon hearing this track, I experienced the sweetest adrenaline rush. I crave that Lenii and Callie have new sick beats in the pipeline. I want to feel these pumped-up feelings again and again, please.

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