Jessie Malakouti has been around for awhile and I've been faithfully following her on Twitter, patiently awaiting the day where you could hear her first single and now the day has arrived!  It's fair to say that Jessie has had her fair share of ups-and-downs but it looks like she's fiercely focused this year in educating the world about her brilliant pop music and her plastic toy boys that are kinda like the diamonds to her Marina.

Take a listen to the "Push It"EP that has just hit the interweb and I think you'll agree that this is one girl who knows how to whip up a good electro-pop beat with a dance sensibility. 

"Push It" is officially released February 14th on iTunes (isn't that VDAY?) and if you want to learn more about her, check out the official Jessie and The Toy Boys website.