We have been on a journey with Regulus Red right from the beginning while documenting each new single release at every step. Today marks the launch of the Italian-Welsh singer-songwriters “Red Prince of The Night” EP, the culmination of Red’s stunning debut body of work. With the singles, Red has given us an immense, taste of eclectic artistry. Not, just, seen in the tracks themselves, but also encompassed in the visual elements, which have arrived with each release. One track on the EP we haven’t heard before is “The House of God.” A dark dance-pop stomper with its own, unique story to tell.

Red Prince of The Night” is the story of a prince who through sorrow and pain, found power. Life is an intense fairytale, and this EP is the prologue of my life. I hope you can appreciate the choice of sounds and lyrics that I created with the help of my friend and composer, Future Humans. “Red Prince Of The Night” is the frame of who I am. And now, it’s your turn to dive in”. Regulus informs.

Being that I’ve already spoken about most of the tracks on the EP “All For Himself,” “Wanna See You Naked” and “Body Rock“. It would be amiss of me not to share some thoughts on “The House of God” (besides I had an early preview a while ago. I’ve been patiently waiting for the track to see the light of day, as it’s totally my favourite track on the EP.) In an instant, you’ll notice how biting the lyrics are. Red holds no prisoners when speaking about a sickly sweet & toxic romance, that’s for sure. Not only does the music cast a dark sonic spell the lyrics are also equally haunting. Teamed together, they make for a spookish, somewhat eerie gesture, arriving in time for Halloween.

More importantly, don’t forget to check out the EP “Red Prince of The Night” it’s an exuberant and irresistible electro-pop feast for the ears.

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