Photo: Hugo Jozwicki

Further to their experimentally emblazoned introduction with Kill J co-penned “Howl”. Emerging Danish trio Noréll are hot on it and keen to show out all shades of their electronic sound spectrum, beginning with follow-up single “The Great Escape”.

It’s great to wade in on a track which is pumped up with off-kilter beats but also has that climatically driving momentum to it which acts to elevate it beyond the fringes of alternative thinking. If you’ve ever listened to Swedish/Australian outfit Kate Boy’s debut album “One” it proved themselves to be in the winning league of it. With Noréll set to join them if either of these excellent, bittersweet levered electronic-pop masterpieces are anything to go by.

It’s a case of Scandinavian pop, innovation and experimentation rises to the occasion once more!