The Good Natured is so on fire at the moment. Not only is she recording a new duet with Temposhark very soon, but she's been hitting the stage all over London performing and selling loads of her limited edition EPs which are quite the little treasure if I must say so myself.

She recently teamed up with EQ fave MaJiKer to produce a remix (MaJiKer style) to her track "Your Body Is A Machine" that is just stunning.  Listen to it below.  The original version, which is available on the EP and streaming on her MySpace, is also stunning – in terms of quality and substance, it's right up there with Florence And The Machine.  I'm absolutely in love with the track…

Make sure to check out The Good Natured along with Temposhark, Waterloo, Rodrigo Moratto and KCAT on November 21st when she plays EQ Live.